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4th Annual Bird Buzz Native Plant Sale!

Welcome to our fourth annual native plant sale!

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Join the EEA and get a discount on your plants! Click below to browse the catalogue and purchase plants.

NOTE: To activate the membership discount, you must purchase your membership first in a separate transaction before adding plants to your cart. 

Sunny Dry Monarch Native Garden

Multi-Purpose Wet or Average Native Garden

Woodland Wildflowers Semi-Shade Native Garden

Groundcover - Low Growing, Spring Ephemeral, & Grasses (varied garden conditions)

Trees & Shrubs

Join the EEA and get a discount on your plants! 


Online sale is on! Collect your plants on Saturday, June 1: 12:30-4:30PM


Pick up will be at the City of Evanston's Morton Civic Center Parking Lot (2100 Ridge Ave). Enter at the North end of the parking lot and you will be directed to the pick-up area. Parking will be clearly marked the day of the sale.  Bring boxes or bags to collect your plants. For larger orders flats may be available. 

How it Works

Purchase your plants online,  print your receipt or save it on your phone. Collect your plants on June 1 at the Morton Civic Center.  Your reminder email will be sent out close to the sale date. IMPORTANT: SAVE YOUR RECEIPT.

The sale is organized so that you can select plant communities that will build habitat for diverse native insects and birds. 

At this sale, we are highlighting certain native plants that support the endangered Rusty Patched Bumble Bee (RPBB), which relies on them. They are also great plants for wildlife other than the RPBB:  any plants listed in the store below with *RPBB* by their names will help the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee. Ultimately we want to achieve a richly diverse natural habitat in our city of Evanston and beyond!  The sale is organized to help you find the right plants for your garden:

  • Monarch Native Plant Garden - Full sun
  • Woodland Wild Flowers Semi-Shade Garden
  • Multi purpose - Wet or Average Garden (Read more about Rain Gardens below)
  • Ground Covers and Favs under 3' - mostly sun to part sun
  • Shrubs & Trees - Variable Garden settings

All wildflowers will be sold and distributed as plugs or pint containers

Shrubs and trees will be sold in varied sizes: #2 gallon - #5 gallon pots, ranging from 18" - 36" tall.  With a few as small as plugs or pint.  Prices are adjusted for these different sizes.

Sale Proceeds support the EEA and NHE's mission and the Evanston Ecology Center programs. 

    IMPORTANT: SAVE YOUR RECEIPT. After purchasing your plants online, print your receipt or save it on your phone. You will need it to collect your plants on June 3 at the Morton Civic Center parking lot. You will be assigned a time slot for your pick-up (by last name, alphabetically). This will be clearly posted and you will receive a reminder email close to the sale date. 

    *** Please arrange to have a friend, family member or neighbor help you to collect your plants if a difficulty arises on the day of the pick-up.  Any unclaimed plants will be considered as a donation to EEA/NHE and be donated to growing native public or community gardens in Evanston.  Sites to be determined. Thank you for your understanding!***     

      Be a Part of Growing Native Gardens in Evanston!

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